Debra Palermo

Welcome and thanks for exploring with me.


I started playing with essential oils and the tools of Access Consciousness over 8 years ago, after getting to a point where I literally could not function in life as I knew it anymore.  My certifications and degree path with interior design didn't feel like the enjoyable direction I was meant to take.  I was bedridden for weeks at a time with severe chronic pain, exhaustion, depression and was completely miserable.  

My lifelong passion with holistic living and research has definitely come in handy to where I am now in learning to listen to my body and being and what it requires. 


I was able to put over 30 years in corporate buying and real estate management to the side as I really started applying the amazing Access Consciousness tools and energetic body processes and lets just say that nothing will ever be the same again in the best way possible. I can happily say those years of discomfort are far behind me and that my life is now the adventure I never saw coming.

I now help empower people to explore undefined possibilities for their bodies and living.  I have never felt more truly me and am excited to keep evolving and sharing it with whoever desires to check out all that is possible.

What is possible for you that you've never considered?